Lawn Care

Colorado Servicing is proud to provide full lawn care services in our beautiful state and we look forward to helping you have the greenest grass in your neighborhood.

Each Spring, Summer and Fall you should aerate, fertilize and overseed any lawn to ensure a great looking lawn year round. Be sure to get on the Sprinkler Blowouts schedule every Winter before freezing tempertures. We also provide property maintenance for cleanups, trimming, debris removal, minor landscaping and more.

Schedule your lawn care services today.


Core aeration provides the best process to reduce turf compaction and thatch buildup to improve water infiltration to help lawns grow deeper roots and to help with fertilizing and overseeding.

$80 Core Aeration


Fertilizing and overseeding helps keep your lawn healthy and plush by providing it the nutrients it needs to grow strong deep roots to support Colorado’s dry climate during our summer months.

$150 Fertilize/Overseeding

Lawn Mowing

Does Your Grass Need Cut? We also offer a complete service for lawn mowing so you don’t have to be that one neighbor on the block with an unmaintained yard, we have a maintenance package that's just right.

$80 Lawn Mowing

Sprinkler Startups

Schedule your sprinkler startup today! Sprinkler Activation: $70 for upto 6 zones, $5 each extra zone, additional for crawlspaces and some service areas.

Sprinkler Startups - Starts @ $70