When should I activate my sprinkler system in the Spring?

For the last few years in Colorado, we have had some early Spring storms that have caused damage to above ground sprinkler components and typically for most homeowners it would be best to wait to activate your sprinkler system until at least Mother’s Day to avoid these early Spring storms that can cause significant repair costs. Get on the Sprinkler Start-Up Schedule HERE.

When should I have my Sprinkler Blowout service performed?

You need to winterize you sprinkler system every year before Winter. Typically the first freeze for Colorado occurs during the first 2 weeks of October and has little effect on your irrigation systems. Make sure you have your Sprinkler Blowout performed before temperatures drop below freezing continually for more than 3-5 days where the high temps do not make it into the 50’s. Do not wait, Get on the Sprinkler Blowout List HERE.

Do I need to be home for services to be performed?

Your presence will not be required for most of our services. If you have any special instructions for the service technician you can let us know when scheduling a service or before your technician arrives. Make sure to have any gates to your backyard unlocked prior to scheduled services and water the day before aeration.

Why do people have their air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning can drastically improve the air quality for all housing types by reducing the allergens, dust, dirt and debris which will also help to increase system efficiency and longevity. New homeowners should start their air duct cleaning schedule as soon as they move in to a property and also after any extensive remolding or construction project. Get on the Air Duct Cleaning Schedule HERE.

How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Typically air duct systems need to be completely cleaned and sanitized every 5-7 years to remove dust mites, allergens, dust, dander, construction materials, pet hair, mold or mildew and debris particles that accumulate over time each year.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Dyer Vents should be cleaned out each year to keep the dryer running and heating clothes efficiently as well as to reduce the chance of fires.

Do I need to mark my sprinkler heads before an aeration service?

Yes, please mark the sprinkler heads, especially heads that are in the middle of the yard or difficult to see before having an aeration service performed on your lawn.

When will you arrive to perform services at my house?

We accommodate homeowners when scheduling services to best fit their schedules and you will have a 2 hour time period for when a technician will arrive to perform services.